Liber Pharmaceuticals

Liber:Activate Program

Establish your local GPs as activated authorised prescribers

As an Activated Pharmacy, Liber’s Medical Liaison team will work with your pharmacists and/or proprietors to implement the following:

  • Identify and nominate local appropriate medical practitioners with whom you have existing prescribing | dispensing relationships;
  • Ensure that appropriate introductions are made, where necessary with nominated GPs to ensure an orderly introduction to prescribing NVPs;
  • Ensure that pharmacists and support staff are properly trained on dispensing Nicovape® Q, coordinate initial stocking of the Nicovape® Q, and ensure that the necessary steps are in place to ensure timely inventory replenishment; and
  • Utilise Liber’s Medical Liaison team to ensure that local doctors are properly trained and aware that their patients can have Nicovape® Q dispensed at your pharmacies.