Liber Pharmaceuticals

Our mission & vision

Liber’s mission is to help all Australian smokers to quit and to remain smoke-free as urgently as possible. While one million fewer smokers is our immediate focus, a completely smoke-free Australia is our ultimate goal.

Liber proposes to do this by establishing a new benchmark for vaporiser technology which applies pharmaceutical standards and the rigor of a pharmaceutical supply-chain to Nicotine Vaping Products (NVPs).

In doing so, Liber hopes to:

  • Pave the way for nicotine vaping products to be registered as medical products in Australia and globally;
  • Elevate the technology underpinning Inhaled Nicotine Replacement Therapy (iNRT) to a level that will provide medical and pharmacy professionals with a clinically proven tool to facilitate smoking cessation; and
  • Establish a comprehensive behavioural support and clinical research framework to ensure nicotine cessation over time.

By working within the established medical framework in Australia and ultimately through registration of its vaporiser products on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), Liber hopes to establish stakeholder trust in vaporiser technology and to allow it to provide users a genuine safe and efficacious smoking cessation strategy, as part of Liber’s broader goal to permanently reduce smoking numbers in Australia and globally.

Achieving our mission

Liber is focused on a number of R&D programs:

  • Product design – Addressing avoidable risks by deploying the best technology available, coupled with intuitive design features;
  • Pharmaceutical formulations – Developing optimal formulations from a toxicological and pharmacokinetic perspective, including the development of flavour compounds from the molecular level up, all of which undergo a thorough toxicological risk assessment;    
  • Clinical research – Addressing concerns about long term data regarding the safety and efficacy of NVPs by engaging partners to conduct independent longitudinal research; and
  • Quality standards – Adhering to pharmaceutical production standards and materials, with a view to registration in Australia on the ARTG.