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Our standards

Nicotine liquid standards

All flavouring compounds used in Liber’s nicotine liquids are manufactured from molecularly defined ingredients (single chemical constituents) that are compounded into flavour concentrates. This allows all compounds to be characterised at the molecular level. 

A Toxicological Risk Assessment (TRA) is conducted for each chemical constituent to ensure that none of the compounds pose a significant risk through inhalation. Liber’s TRAs are conducted by a qualified toxicologist to ensure appropriate evaluation of any potential local and systemic effects.

The ingredients used in Liber’s nicotine liquids are manufactured under full pharmaceutical cGMP and the nicotine, propylene glycol (“PG”) and vegetable glycerin (“VG”) used to formulate our nicotine liquids are manufactured to US or European Pharmacopeia (USP/EP) grade.

Liber’s nicotine liquids are blended in a GMP-certified facility from pharmaceutical grade ingredients.